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Music Tectonics

Jan 13, 2022

This week, Dmitri Vietze sits down with Karen Allen of Infinite Album and Jarret Hines and Bryson Nobles of by Music Tech Works, two of the winners from the 2021 Midemlab Startup Competition. Karen Allen is the co-founder and CEO of Infinite Album, winner of the music creation and education category of the 2021 Midemlab Music Startup Competition. Infinite Album is an AI music copyright solution for livestream gamers on Twitch and Youtube that replaces the game soundtrack with music that responds to the action of the game in real time, while allowing fans and viewers to influence the style and genre of the music. Set to launch in the spring of 2022, Infinite Album is creating an additional revenue source for live stream gamers while allowing fans to interact and support their favorite gamers. In the music marketing and data analytics category, by Music Tech Works took home first prize in the 2021 Midemlab Music Startup Competition. is a music ownership search engine, streamlining music licensing by allowing users to find rights information in seconds. Tune in as Karen, Jarrett, and Bryson share their experience at the 2021 Midemlab Startup Competition and react to recent news about the MidemLab. Will the festival be canceled or is it just switching hands? Find out on this week’s episode. 


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