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Music Tectonics

Jan 11, 2019

Join Billboard and Forbes writer Cherie Hu, as she speaks with Music Tectonics host Dmitri Vietze of rock paper scissors PR, to discuss where she sees the music technology field going in 2019. Cherie explores how music is merging more and more with other creative industries including e-sports, film and TV, social media filters, and live streaming. Whereas many hoped concerts would succeed as live streams, Cherie points out that live-stream-only content is engaging audiences with the opportunity to connect with artists and other fans in chat forums and more. Cherie also breaks down what she thinks will and won't work for music in virtual reality. And she takes a position on what record labels should be doing with A.I. music composition. She also puts a spotlight on expected growth of streaming in what Spotify calls "rest of world," Africa, Asia, and Australia, now that Mark Mulligan says that U.S. and U.K. streaming growth is slowing down.