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Music Tectonics

Aug 2, 2022

Reporting live from the 2022 NAMM show! Eleanor Rust meets with Bruno Verbrugghe and Sergueï Bécoulet from Dualo by Intuitive Instruments. Learn more about the du-touch S, a futuristic wedge-shaped instrument, with accordion-like finger boards featuring colorful hexagonal, honeycomb keys praised by legendary artist Herbie Hancock as the “smartest keyboard ever invented”. Discover how the patented innovative keyboard design, based on a mathematical model of music harmony, allows users to create music instantly. Find out how the du-touch S by Dualo provides tactile feedback to maximize expressivity. Discover of Dualo’s gamified music map Du-game, allows users to explore and create music from around the world. Check out live demos and more on this week’s episode. 


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