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Music Tectonics

Sep 19, 2019

We talk a lot about seismic shifts in the music industry, and Mark Mulligan is a true music tech seismologist. If you’ve read his Music Industry Blog, followed his work with MIDiA Research, or seen him speak, you know that his data-powered approach is unparalleled for understanding, explaining, and predicting upheavals in the music tech landscape. This week Mark takes Dmitri and Tristra on a whirlwind tour of the seismic shifts he’s tracking. Find out why Mark believes that this is “The Age of the Empowered Artist.” Who has the resources to navigate a music industry that’s increasingly fluid? What are streaming services in Europe and North America getting wrong about social listening and fandom? Why isn’t music the teenage cultural touchstone that it used to be? How can you get a Mark Mulligan trading card? Mark delves into it all, with mind-blowing truth bombs around every turn. If you like this episode, don’t miss Mark’s keynote at the Music Tectonics Conference, Oct 28-29 in LA!

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