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Music Tectonics

Oct 10, 2019

What music fan hasn’t dreamed of playing a solo with their favorite band, or immersing themselves in every detail of their favorite song? In a Music Tectonics first, this podcast episode spans five cities (on two continents) to explore the emerging interactive music market.

Leaders of three start-ups explain how their apps invite fans into the music in unique ways: Sarah Janiszewski (Jammer),  Frank Østevold (oiid), and Dave Park (SongAI). All these apps use the stems of a song—the individual guitar, bass, drums, and vocal tracks—to let users become co-creators, not just passive listeners. These new ideas were all developed with the support of Universal Music Group’s global digital innovation program, so Bill Gagnon, SVP Business Development at UMG, chimes in to give a big picture view of the program and the thinking behind it. UMG is working closely with start-ups to help spawn innovation and bringing fans and artists closer, and the development of the interactive music market is just one of the spaces where new ideas are growing.

Get a first hand look at the interactive music frontier: play with all three apps at the Music Tectonics Conference in LA Oct. 28-29! UMG is creating a start-up playground in our exhibitor hall where you’ll be able to try them out yourself. 


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