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Music Tectonics

Jul 2, 2020

For musicians in lockdown, trying to jam with friends or teach lessons on a videoconferencing app like Zoom or Skype is like putting toothpaste back in the tube: it’s just not built for that. Find out how JamKazam was built for musicians to play together in real time from CEO David Wilson. Host Dmitri asks what makes JamKazam so different from those videocallling apps? How does JamKazam deal with the latency issues that make synchronous collaboration challenging? Learn how Wilson’s experience with a videogame streaming startup, a passion for music, and a yearning to jam with his brother on the other side of the country inspired him to found JamKazam. Long before COVID-19, JamKazam helped bands stay together even when members moved away. Find out how JamKazam is saving the sanity of many more musicians sheltering at home, especially with a new live broadcasting feature that lets them earn tips and ticket revenue. Learn about JamKazam’s tools that remove the friction from playing music online for professionals, amateurs, teachers alike- before, during, and after self-isolation.

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