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Music Tectonics

Apr 11, 2019

There are seismic shifts taking place in online video. Though many music fans haven’t noticed these tremors they’ll have drastic effects on music discovery and dissemination very soon. Rasty Turek, CEO and founder of video and music search engine Pex, reveals the emerging plateau of YouTube growth on this episode of Music Tectonics and predicts a timeframe for reaching that ceiling. He also discusses how certain video categories are becoming decoupled from YouTube, creating different verticals for video watching and music listening. “People don’t want a single app,” he posits. Turek explains the likely result of the EU’s passage of Article 17 (a.k.a. Article 13) and the likely path it will take this year. Find out why he expects global platforms to follow the strictest standards around uploaded user content, even in territories that have yet to legislate new restrictions on Safe Harbor rules. Listen to also hear what impact one-hour takedown rules of terrorist content will have for music rights holders.


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