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Music Tectonics

Feb 21, 2020

We have big news in this special episode: the venues and dates for our next Music Tectonics Conference! Find out from hosts Dmitri Vietze and Tristra Newyear Yeager what new experiences we’re planning for 2020. What made the first Music Tectonics Conference so much fun that we had to do it again? Which music and tech topics will we add into the conference mix this year? What can you win in the pre-sale contest that ends Feb. 25?  Get updates on your hosts’ latest contributions to the MT blog: which of Dmitri’s “20 for 2020” music tech predictions have already come true? How did people respond to Tristra’s ‘Bodyfulness” piece on music tech and fitness? What’s the next seismic shift Dmitri’s thinking of adding to the trading card deck? Listen to find out!

The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Visit to learn more, and find us on twitter, facebook, and Instagram. Let us know what you think!