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Music Tectonics

Mar 25, 2021

Make music with the actual sounds from retro 8-bit games, or sample FM radio to add local flavor to your beats. Swedish design and technology company Teenage Engineering packs off-the-wall features like these into portable, powerful gear for music making and listening that looks and feels  good. In this episode, Co-founder /VP David Möllerstedt explores Teenage Engineering’s origin story and the inspiration behind the playful things they make: tiny, inexpensive Pocket Operators, the candy-like, highly functional OP-1 synthesizer, wild collaborations with Cheap Monday, IKEA, and Baidu, and more. Dig into the design philosophy that makes Teenage Engineering’s products attractive, innovative, and functional. What makes Stockholm such a creative hub for music gear and software? Which up and coming innovations are getting David excited for the future of music making? Listen for a chance to talk back and win one of host Dmitri Vietze’s favorite books!

The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Visit to learn more, and find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Let us know what you think!