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Music Tectonics

Mar 11, 2020

How can the music industry take a proactive role in confronting the climate crisis? Tristra Newyear Yeager chats with Bas Grasmayer about the answers tech is providing for music biz sectors from live events to streaming. Why are music festivals the perfect context to explore innovation, inspire attendees to shift their behaviors, and incubate ideas that have positive impacts on climate? What’s the one thing that could change the carbon footprint of music streaming? How could the music industry model approaches to climate emergency on their responses to the digital revolution? If you’ve been following music tech, you’ve probably encountered Bas’s insightful writing on his MUSIC X TECH X FUTURE website and newsletter. Bas’s recent MUSIC X GREEN project collects the climate crisis resources sprouting up all over the music industry, from activism to eco-conscious vinyl to offsetting the carbon footprint of touring musicians.

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