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Music Tectonics

Dec 6, 2023

What do we really mean when we talk about communities in music and technology? This episode shines a light on the remarkable role that dedicated groups of fans or creators can play when they come together. Our guest, musician and tech thinker Mark Redito, shares his journey from the early days of the internet to the decentralized and synthetic music worlds that are unfolding now.

On the way, we dive into headless collaboration, where no single leader takes center stage, as we chat about Songcamp, a large-scale artist collective pushing the boundaries of music and technology. Mark shares fascinating insights into collective decision-making, the role of AI and natural language processing in music, and the challenges of a web3 music project. 

Next, we grapple with the ethical considerations and potential impact of AI on the creative industry. We explore the need for a consent layer to protect artists' work and the potential of AI to revolutionize music production, game design, and video production. It adds up to a friendly, compelling discussion on art, music, technology, and the beautiful futures that may lie ahead.

The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Visit to find shownotes and a transcript for this episode, and find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Let us know what you think!