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Music Tectonics

Aug 8, 2019

Music is being used in so many new ways, from V.R. and video games to shortform user-generated videos and remixes, that it’s hard to keep up with new license types. Are the systems and laws keeping up or is the industry struggling to adapt to the rapid pace of change? Host Dmitri Vietze chats with guest Seth Schachner of Strat Americas about how the music industry responds to rapid change and the trend towards “micro-uses” and other unexpected music forms. Listen in on a conversation that ranges from ringtones to TikTok, Anitta to A.I. That’s one reason we’re excited to have Seth at the Music Tectonics Conference- his years at the front lines of music industry innovation and his expertise in the Latin American market give him the kind of big-picture insights Music Tectonics is all about. 

The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Weekly episodes include seismic shifts and interviews with music tech movers & shakers. Visit to learn more.