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Music Tectonics

Mar 25, 2020

Amper’s AI-powered music composition tool, Score, helps content creators make music tailored to their projects, whether they’re seasoned musicians or novices. Amper Music CEO Drew Silverstein places Amper and AI music in context of a long history of algorithmic music, and an even longer history of increasing accessibility to the means of music creation. How will AI music composition technology transform the jobs—and careers—of musicmakers? What makes Amper’s sample library different from all the rest? How does Amper address the thorny legal issues around rights and splits when humans and AI collaborate? And if Score sounds like a powerful tool, wait until you hear about what Amper’s API can do! 

Note that this episode was recorded in early March, before many music industry events (including Music Tectonics Meetups) were moved online, postponed, or cancelled.

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