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Music Tectonics

Jun 3, 2021

When Imogen Heap sees something she can’t do, she makes it happen. As an award-winning singer songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and industry pioneer, Imogen is breaking down barriers for artists to take control of their data and create music in new ways. Imogen explains that frustration motivated her to launch Mycelia, a play space to explore technologies around the blockchain using smart contracts to streamline payment distribution. She discusses how the successes of Mycelia led to the development of the Creative Passport, a data store where musicians and artists can collect and organize all of their data. Imogen shares her inspiration for the creation of Mi.Mu gloves, expressive, wearable controllers for electronic music used by chart topping artists including Ariana Grande. Imogen shares her vision for the intersection of virtual and augmented reality. How can a greater understanding and access of data help empower artists? Where can NFTs take us? Brainstorm the possibilities with Imogen Heap on this week’s episode.

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