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Music Tectonics

Nov 27, 2019

What does the music tech landscape look like from the investor's point of view—and what are start-ups getting wrong? Listen to the Music Tech Investor Panel, recorded at the 2019 Music Tectonics Conference, to find out. Moderated by writer Cherie Hu (who has her own podcast/newsletter Water & Music), the panel brought together decisionmakers from across the emerging landscape of music tech investment: Rishi Patel (Plus Eight Equity), Zach Katz (Raised In Space Enterprises), Larry Marcus (Marcy Venture Partners and Walden Venture Capital), and Virginie Berger (DBTH Capital).  What mistakes should start-ups avoid, in their business plan and in their pitches? What roles are artists playing in investment and product development? How do investors make decisions about which companies to fund? Should start-ups stake their claim in saturated areas of music tech like streaming and VR, or strike out in unoccupied territory? Is it more important to demonstrate profitability or growth? What special challenges face Rights Tech founders? Get answers straight from the investors.
The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Visit to learn more, and find us on twitter, facebook, and Instagram. Let us know what you think!